Digital Tickets


NFT tickets, like traditional tickets, give their owner access to an event or experience. However, unlike regular tickets, NFT tickets are stored on the blockchain, making them more permanent, secure, and dynamic. Some benefits of NFT tickets include:

  • Irreproducibility and verification of authenticity on the blockchain.
  • Potential for use as "tickets" to additional experiences (e.g., online event recordings or an exclusive merch store).
  • Possibility of being combined with and linked to digital collectibles such as artworks or photos.
  • Ability to have rules programmed into them (e.g., you can forbid the transfer of tickets or guarantee that a percentage of any resale goes back to the creator).
  • Retention of value and utility outside the context of access to an event.

Several organizations, such as Ticketmaster, Coachella, Live Nation, the NBA, the Olympics, and more, have embraced NFTs, recognizing the potential for growth, community building, and increased control in the ticketing industry.

NFT tickets can be considered as collectibles, and they allow fans to preserve their memories of events and experiences in a more permanent and digital way. They also enable the creation of new forms of merchandise. For instance, some organizations are already using NFTs as a new form of merchandise.


Check-in Demo

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